Listed Building Restoration

Working on listed buildings

Through delivering quality workmanship and specialising in listed buildings we have gained an excellent reputation through Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

A buildings roof along with its underlying structures provide the most important features on a listed building, many have withstood and survived several years.

Our experienced workforce endeavour to use salvaged materials and source when possible reclaimed materials, in all instances we would look to repair rather than replace.

Consent isn’t usually needed if matching materials are used to complete a like for like repair, but any alteration to the roof’s shape, height and pitch, internal structure or type of covering will require Listed Building Consent, as will the addition of roof lights. If you are located in a conservation area, these will usually require planning permission too.

Our experienced team will offer professional advice throughout and during the pre-application process and work in-conjunction with the local authority and all other relevant heritage consultees, ensuring all protocols are adhered to.

Our years of delivering quality workmanship gives customers a reassurance that we ensure the skills, materials and techniques used when working on buildings of special interest are protected during the repair or refurbishment process.

Understanding the history and heritage of a building is paramount to our team when undertaking sensitive repairs. It is guaranteed that when replacing elements of a roof, e.g. Trusses, Purlins and Rafters we would endeavour to maintain the specialist characteristics of the building.
This may include retaining roof features, for example a chimney pot, even if this was a redundant feature, the team would assess on an individual basis that those features would need to remain to give a sympathetic and quality finish to the overall refurbishment of the roof.
More importantly these features may need to be retained for other building purposes i.e. Ventilation, our knowledge on these specialist projects allows us to understand these often over looked details which are a crucial part of any renovation or refurbishment process.

We pride ourselves in making good original features, taking great care in restoring clay and stone ridges and ensuring that the characteristics of the building are restored or repaired to their former glory.
By sourcing reclaimed materials and seeking to find the best possible match we can envisage that the completed works will be done with care, understanding and more importantly to a extremely professional standard.